about us

"We strive to facilitate the creation of a space that can feel inclusive both to traditional environmentalists and to new audiences that may be interested or concerned by climate change but not yet have a precise idea of how or where to get involved."
— SUSANNA BASSO, co-founder

"Central to our long term vision is the belief that a network of informed and empowered communities across the country is crucial in tackling climate breakdown, and in the power of visual arts to be the catalyst."
— SIMON MÉLIZAN, co-founder.


the festival

The second edition of the Climate Crisis Film Festival will be taking place online from November 16th - 22nd, on-demand for the whole week.

The festival dissects the climate crisis from a range of perspectives with 10 distinct themes. Witness films yet unreleased in the UK; such as the award-winning Anthropocene: The Human Epoch and the enlightening The Forum. Plus a range of amazing short films by emerging young filmmakers. Finally, 25 speakers, ranging from economists and architects to artists, activists and thought-leaders will use the films as a springboard to provide forward-looking visions of the future. Take part in the biggest climate event of the year, we hope to see you online!

the hub

The Climate Crisis Creative Hub is your one-stop-shop for climate engagement — whether you're just learning about the subject, or ready to sink your teeth into some advanced discussion, we have something for everyone.

Launching in December, the hub will play host to a streaming platform for movies about climate change, a searchable directory of climate action, an online-incubator to help people start their own climate action initiatives, and much more!


Rise: From One Island To Another
Rise: From One Island to Another 2
Anote's Ark
Anote's Ark 2
Anote's Ark 3
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