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Museums for Climate Action

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Museums for Climate Action is reimagining how museums can act as a vital part of climate action. They give museums the tools they need to become effective climate communicators, enable action and be a part of climate solutions. In addition to museum toolkits, Museums for Climate Change has created an in-person exhibition showcasing how museums can be a catalyst for climate action. The project, which is a collection of 8 exhibitions created by teams around the world, is located at Glasgow Science Centre and will remain open for COP26.

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Feel inspired? Read the 'Reimagining Museums for Climate Action' book!

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Explore the eight exhibitions online

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Work at a museum? Check out the museum resources

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Want to get involved? Check out the events and activities

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the avid museum goer and those working in the museum sector 🗿

Our Honest Opinion

Most of us who grew up going to museums can recall one or more things we learned from our experience. Museums challenge our viewpoints, emerges us in worlds we didn’t realise existed and takes us on a journey to the past. They are a space for learning both for kids and adults. Brining climate action to museums has the potential to mass educate and hopefully mass mobilise climate action. The initiative from Museums for Climate Action is giving an alternative way for museums to operate, centring climate justice at the heart of their exhibitions. The exhibitions they have chosen to showcase, in-person at the Glasgow Science Centre but also online, explores how museums could look if they were community-led, indigenous focused, used cutting-edge climate change mitigation technology and were forced to confront their implicit role in colonisation and climate change. Shifting museums of a place of the past to a palace of climate action is an important step for continued learning and brining communities to life, guided by an effective toolkit from Museums for Climate Action this can become reality.

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