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Jaguar Siembra

Indigenous regenerative agriculture project




food insecurity
community programme

Jaguar Siembra is a community regenerative agriculture initiative for and by indigenous people in Colombia. ​They are creating a living food forest by planting trees that will provide food security and creates an environmentally friendly and sustainable global food system with indigenous communities and farmers. Jaguar Siembra puts ancient wisdom and traditional ecological knowledge at the heart of everything they do and produce films and videos uplifting indigenous knowledge and food systems.

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Stay up to date with Jaguar Siembra on Instagram

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Explore their films about nature, culture and ancient wisdom

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Join the forest community and become a changemaker

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Buy their rainforest friendly coffee!

Perfect For...

those who want to support indigenous projects and love a good sustainable cup of coffee🌱

Our Honest Opinion

Jaguar Siembra is a true grassroots initiative of community leaders and regenerative farmers in Colombia. They support indigenous communities by providing them with long-term food security in biodiverse forests and long-term incomes through their sustainable coffee production. They are creating a sustainable food model the rest of the world should take note of: conscious, fair and organic. You can join the forest community by donating every month, which will also offset part of your carbon footprint, or join their Coffee Club. By joining their #Coffee4Biodiversity club you will receive speciality coffee every month grown for and by indigenous people in Colombia which takes 8 direct climate actions: planting trees monthly, creating food forests, regenerating soils, uplifting farmers, supporting cultural programmes, supporting educational programmes, funding new economies with community supported agriculture and reversing ecological degradation. Their incredibly beautiful and impactful films about traditional regenerative agricultural practices tells the stories of those often overlooked in the climate movement. They believe storytelling is key to raise awareness and facilitate effective action to protect and restore our ecosystems.

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