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Fine Acts

Global creative studio for social impact




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Playtivism is in the heart of all Fine Acts does. The simple combination of play and activism can be seen in their creative campaigns, artwork, and collaborations. They commission artists to create impactful art that can be used for free by activists, bridging the gap between activism and art. Through a collaboration with TED, they selected artists to create an art installation about the climate crisis and have worked with the European Cultural Foundation to create artwork expressing solidarity within the EU.

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But what is playtivism? Watch the video

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Are you an artists? Submit your work to be used by activists

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How is art and social justice linked? Find out more

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Find out more about the Artists for Climate project

Perfect For...

visual artists who want to use their creative gifts for good, and activists who need quality artwork without having to pay

Our Honest Opinion

Fine Acts have taken the saying ‘put your money where your mouth is’ to the next level. Not only do they provide activists with a free vault of free artwork to download, change and use in their campaigns but they also commission artists to create these impactful works of art. They commissioned 12 Black artists to make 24 BLM protest posters, and together with TED they commissioned 10 artists to create climate change installations, among countless other initiatives. In 2019 Fine Acts created their first series of SPRINT workshops, each inviting visual artists — graphic designers, typographists, illustrators, filmmakers and photographers — to create works that explore the intersection between art and human rights. The five SPRINTS were centred around one human right’s issue and asked the artists to develop and produce a visual artwork that communicates a respective message in 48 hours. Fine Acts is not only spearheading the visual arts movement but is actively creating a space for human rights, social justice issues and environmental issues to intersect with the power of visual arts.

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