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The search engine that plants trees




deforestation & desertification
easy everyday climate action

A privacy-friendly search engine that runs on renewable energy, is climate negative, and plants trees where they’re needed the most. Ecosia employs its ad revenue to fund tree planting and adopts an inclusive, empowering and integrated approach that benefits nature and local communities in equal measure. It works in the same way as any other search engine does, so it's extremely easy for anyone to make the switch!

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Switch to Ecosia as your preferred search engine and start planting trees today!

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Follow this guide to spread the word about Ecosia at your school or university!

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Gift a tree

Trees are the gift that keeps on giving — for Christmas and birthdays, choose nature over stuff

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If you own or work for a business that advertises on Google, why not advertise on Ecosia too?

Perfect for...

Anyone with internet access, really!

Our Honest Opinion

We love how Ecosia makes taking everyday climate action extremely easy. Searching the web is one of those activities that are part of most people's lives — so turning this everyday action into something that can have a positive impact is a great idea! They provide a great service that has a large-scale positive impact without sacrificing functionality or user experience. Ecosia is also a trailblazer when it comes to sustainable business: they stand for a Better Internet (respectful of privacy and powered by renewable energy) and for Capitalism for Social Good, they were the first German company to become a B Corp, and their commitment to empowering local communities is genuine. Their business is both successful and mission-driven, which is helping to redefine the separation between for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. Their goal is, in their own words, "to scale our project and make it as high-performing and profitable as possible. But instead of using these profits to pay our CEO a huge salary, or pay out dividends to shareholders, we use them to fund reforestation projects."

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