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Queer Ecology, Mapped.

Ingrid Bååth

We have put together a list of 15 queer platforms and campaigns that advocate for diversity in the climate and environmental movements. This range of queer ecology projects explore the relationships between people, the planet and queerness — breaking down harmful stereotypes whilst creating safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ people to be heard, seen and accepted.

Queer Botany

London-based Queer Botany explores how queerness manifests itself in the plant world. They examine through a queer lens the Walthamstow Marshes, an area of special scientific interest in London, detailing how certain plants break the heterosexual and cis-gender binary we’ve placed upon nature. Queer Botany is also a space for anyone looking to diversify the environmental movement, join the Queer Botany Society today!

Pattie Gonia

Known for dancing in heels on hiking trails, the drag queen Pattie Gonia is bringing queer issues to the forefront of the climate movement. Through their platform, Pattie Gonia is combining their love for the outdoors with all things drag to encourage other queer people to develop a relationship with nature while educating on why the outdoors might be an unsafe space for queer folk. Pattie Gonia is a big advocate for dismantling systems of oppression and barriers to access for marginalised groups within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Are We Europe - The Queer Issue

Are We Europe is a boarder breaking magazine and online media platform that produce stories that engage people from all over Europe. Their most recent queer issue details the intimate relations of queer experiences like queerness in public spaces, intersectional queer identities and the underlying conflicts of perceived social acceptance. This issue dissects queer culture as it manifests itself throughout Europe, through captivating stories, striking photography and thought provoking visual essays.

Queers 4 Climate

The Dutch organisation Queers for Climate, advocate for a liveable planet for all communities. They recognise that queer people, along other marginalised communities, are on the frontlines of climate breakdown and face disproportionate disadvantages in the face of the climate crisis. They aim to educate allies and represent queer people in the climate movement to create a more equal present and future while encouraging people to self-organise and act on the climate emergency.

Estraven Lupino-Smith

Estraven is a queer, non-binary artist and scientific researcher that brings these two mediums together to explore queer ecology. Their work explores relationships occurring in nature and relationships people have with nature viewed through an intersectional lens. Estraven is Canadian based and also breaks down colonisation and their attachment with the land as a settler. They produce scientific research, sound, video and prints as well as writings on the intersectionalities between nature and queerness.

Institute of Queer Ecology

The Institute of Queer Ecology (IQECO) is founded on the principles of queer, feminist and decolonial theory to create alternative solutions to environmental degradation and the climate crisis while uplifting marginalised voices. IQECO works to deconstruct human-centric ecological hierarchies to explore the intricate relationships that exist in nature through producing artwork, programming and exhibitions. IQECO have created a multitude of artworks including H.O.R.I.Z.O.N (Habitat One: Regenerative Interactive Zone of Nurture), a digital, downloadable, interactive social simulation space exploring connectivity to nature.

Isaias Hernandez

Isaias runs the platform Queer Brown Vegan, advocating for queer rights, environmental and social justice by unlearning what we know and bringing an intersectional perspective on current issues. In addition to social media, Isaias has created environmental resources on his website that bring together creativity and science to educate about climate change issues. Isaias uses colourful graphics and video series to speak on intersectional topics and his experiences as a queer brown vegan.

Queer Nature

Queer Nature is a safe space for LGBTQIA+, two-spirit, non-binary people and allies to explore the climate movement as it intersects with queerness. Queer Nature provides workshops and educational resources for people to learn nature based tactile skills. From wildlife tracking to self defence and basket making sessions, Queer Nature offers something for every queer nature lover in a safe and welcoming space. They run inclusive sessions, LGBTQIA+ specific and QTBIPOC (queer, trans black, indigenous and people of colour) specific workshops to bring people closer to nature.

Jamie Margolin

Founder of the youth-led climate justice organisation Zero Hour, Jamie Margolin is a social, environmental and queer rights activist. Jamie is the author of the book  ‘YOUTH TO POWER’, a manifesto for young activists and future change makers. The dedication of her book ‘to the queer kids, we are unstoppable’, is a nod to the trials and tribulations she has gone through but also resilience she has gained as a queer person. On top of everything else, Jamie is also a creative director for ‘Art Majors’, a TV show for queer people by queer people.


The social media platform Indigequeers centres two-spirit, non-binary and trans folks in the outdoor movement. With a particular focus on indigenous queer people, the platform shares stories of nature connections two-spirit, non-binary and trans folks have, bringing more awareness and diversity to the environmental movement. By sharing stories and building community Indigequeers is creating a safe space for indigenous queer people to be heard, seen and for allies to connect, learn and listen.

Out for Sustainability

Out for Sustainability (OUT4S) is an organisation mobilising LGBTQIA+ people to take climate and social action with the vision to create a fabulous planet. The NGO hosts events, workshops and an annual summit called ‘Fab Planet.’ OUT4S advocated for a greener pride, working towards making the month long event carbon neutral, plastic free and sustainable. Their three pillar approach is based on identity, society and environment in hopes of creating a sustainable and equal future for all.

Apokalyptic Ecology

Sophia ("So") Sinopoulos-Lloyd is a queer, independent writer, ecologist and wildlife tracker. Their platform, Apokalyptic Ecology, is a collection of essays and poetry exploring queer ecology, science fiction, gender theory, dreampunk, cyber punk and ecophilosophy. So’s work is a mix between the imagined and personal storytelling exploring relationships and gender constructs as it interweaves with nature, belonging and the feeling of living in an ecological apocalypse.

In Conversation: Climate Justice & Queer and Trans Liberation

Our Climate Voices launched ‘In Conversation: Climate Justice & Queer and Trans Liberation’ in 2019. The four part listening series brings together five queer and trans climate activists in thought provoking conversation about the trans and queer experience, LGBTQIA+ vulnerability to climate change, how to organise and participate in diverse climate discourse and how homophobia and transphobia have shaped their experiences. The full series is available for free on their website and other podcast platforms.

Asian and Pacific Islander Equality - Northern California (APIENC)

APIENC is a grassroots organisation for and by queer and trans Asian and Pacific Islander people (QTAPI) in Northern California. APIENC builds QTAPI power by uplifting their voices and building community and fights for trans rights, ecological and social justice. They work with other organisations to build movement, encourage diverse leadership and uplifting API voices to sustain vibrant ecosystems and collaborations. APIENC also produces the Dragon Fruit Podcast (a continuation of the intergenerational API LGBTQ+ oral history project ‘Dragon Fruit Project’) which explores QTAPI history, movement and reclaims space for QTAPI healing.

Fire & Flood: Queer Resilience in the Era of Climate Change

Queer educator, activist and researcher Vanessa Raditz is the filmmaker behind the film Fire & Flood: Queer Resilience in the Era of Climate Change. The film details how two climate disasters, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the fires in Santa Rosa, California, in the fall of 2017 affected queer people.The film was inspired by and is rooted in Vanessa’s own lived experience in California at the time. Vanessa is also the co-founder of the Queer Ecojustice Project, an online platform dedicated to educating about climate intersectionality and they manage Queers4ClimateJustice, an Instagram page bringing queer visibility to the climate movement.

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