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Climate Podcasts, Curated.

Ingrid Bååth

With the rise of digital media and the shortening of attentions spans, podcasts have become the new audio book. Whether you commute to work, have an extra half hour for a walk or you’re stuck doing the washing up, podcasts are a great way to explore, learn and grow. But ever since podcasts became mainstream and widely appreciated, it seems that everyone and their cousin is releasing a podcast. Finding one that you connect with and that explore topics you’re interested in can take some time.

This is also true for the climate space. There is an overwhelming amount of content out there and with limited time you might never come across a podcast that challenges your ideas, teaches you something new or introduces you to new people to follow. Being stuck in an echo-chamber can not only be limiting your world views but can easily exhaust you, leaving you drained of motivation and uninspired to keep fighting for what you believe in. Not to worry though, we have curated a list of 20 podcasts which explore the climate crisis in different ways so you can find something new and inspiring to re-engage you in the wondrous world of climate action.


Dismantled is a product of Intersectional Environmentalist, an online platform aimed at exposing the climate movement’s racist and colonial past to build a sustainable, diverse and just future. Dismantled centres BIPOC voices in climate discourse discussing topics on environmental history and grassroots activism.

The Yikes Podcast

Co-hosts Michaela Loach and Josephine Becker explore all things that make them go yikes in their podcast. They discuss the climate crisis, racism, systems of oppression and more to help guide you to meaningful and intersectional action. They take the frustration, anxiety and sadness they experience living in the world as activists and turn it into meaningful ,solutions-driven actions towards a better future.

Serpentine - Back to Earth

Back to Earth is a podcast series by Serpentine that explores different environmental topics and how we can get back to earth. The exploration intersects arts, technologies and ecology to imagine a new future full of possibilities. Episodes cover topics like queer ecology, indigenous rights and how art can help us ‘feel’ the climate crisis.

Mothers of Invention

As they say ‘climate change is a man-made problem with a feminist solution’. Mothers of Invention centres the voices of women from all around the world to show the diversity of women in the climate movement. Hosted by former Irish president Mary Robinson, comedian and writer Maeve Higgins, and series producer Thimali Kodikara the podcast combines engaging storytelling with humour to bring attention to those who do the most.

Hot Take

Co-hosts Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt presents the climate crisis as it is - no fluff, no bullshit and no sugar coating. They analyse a diverse range of topics with a holistic lens, calling out hypocrisy, injustice and greenwashing whenever they see it. A super honest conversation between two friends bound to make you frustrated and laugh at the same time.

How To Save A Planet

The solutions focused podcast, How to Save a Planet, is a conversation between journalist Alex Blumberg and scientist and policy nerd Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson. They explore all the essential questions related to how actually solve the climate crisis in an effort to turn your climate anxiety into climate action.

Think 100%: The Coolest Show

Finding the energy and motivation to keep going can be hard, especially when the cause your passionate about is about the survival of the planet. This is where Think 100%’s podcast The Coolest Show comes in. Host  Rev. Yearwood brings an unmatched charisma and energy to the conversation while exploring justice, intersectionality and solving multiple issues at once without (yes without) overwhelming or depressing you.


Drilled is a true-crime podcast all about the heinous ways corporations people in power exploit the planet for personal gain. From propaganda and greenwashing to the endless corruption of oil companies, Drilled aims to investigate worldwide ecological crimes and expose the culprits.

Generation Green New Deal

Created for youth in America by youth in America, Generation Green New Deal is a podcast exploring the path to a fossil free America. Breaking down the political barriers to a just transition and imagining how it would look, Generation Green New Deal is the perfect podcast for those looking to get politically active, want to know more about grassroots activists and how organising for a fossil free community looks.

No Place Like Home

Mary Anne Hitt and Anna Jane Joyner sit down with people from all walks of life to explore the climate movement in their podcast No Place Like Home. The conversations are intimate, personal and brings you on a journey to the frontlines of the climate crisis. From talking to scientists to indigenous people, No Place Like Home is a diverse community of change makers.

Green Dreamer

The Green Dreamer podcast hosted by Kamea Chayne explores collective healing, ecological regeneration and restoring the Earth and the species living on it from the exploitation it has been subjected to. With over 300 episodes, the podcast is a collection of interviews and conversations on a wealth of intersectional environmental topics.


A sci-fi podcast with a twist, H2OME is an exploration of what the world would look like in a fantasy future where sustainable living is at the core of human civilisation. The story details how this parallel society managed to live sustainably but how did we do it? The 6 part podcast provides an insight into how the future could look with no environmental degradation, all the effects of climate change reversed with a human settlement on Mars.

Emergence Magazine Podcast

Emergence Magazine is both an online publication and print magazine that explores the connectivity between spirituality, ecology and culture. The accompanying podcast dives deeper into the stories of people, communities and topics featured in the magazine to bring you on a joinery to find true connection to the Earth.

Our Voices, Our Choices

Our Voices, Our Choices is a gender-politics podcast series by the environmental non-for-profit The Heinrich Boell Foundation. Our Voices, Our Choices brings marginalised voices to the fore of the conversation. Host Esme Nicholson speaks to women, immigrants, LGBTQ+ people and people from other marginalised communities to listen their perspectives and world-views.

Sweat Pants

From the YouTube channel Climate Towns, Rollie Williams brings you his new podcast Sweat Pants. Climate change is a marathon, not a sprint and we need all hands on deck to solve the crisis. Comedian, Rollie is joined by guests from all walks of life who have decided to use their power for good to help come up with innovative solutions to the most pressing issue of our time.

Gang Of Witches - Ibiza Podcast

Journalist Jo Youle sits down with different ecofeminists to explore how feminism can help solve the climate crisis and the impacts the climate emergency is already having on Ibiza, the island she lives on. Discussing topics like ecocide, land stewardship and food systems, Jo and her guests break down how the patriarchy has manifested in the exploitation of the planet.


The youth of today don’t get to decide what kind of planet they inherit, but they do get to decide what they will do with it. The podcast Inherited details youth grassroots organising, why the older generations have failed at climate justice and the next steps forward. Youth activists Georgia Wright and Julianna Bradley explore what it means to be a young person advocating for the planet without the support and adequate representation. After all, where have the adults been?

Outrage + Optimism

Stay up to date on climate change policy and news with Outrage + Optimism. Hosts Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac and Paul Dickinson are joined by some of the biggest voices in the climate movement from Johan Rockstöm to Greta Thunberg, but also mainstream celebrities and even royals.

Climate History Podcast

Is climate change a new phenomena? What about human induced climate change? Co-hosts Dr. Degroot and PhD student Emma Moesswilde discuss how climate change and our attitudes have changed over time. From the ice age to ancient cultures and recent history, the Climate Change Podcast will get you up to speed on climate science and how we got here.

The Creative Climate

A podcast exploring creative solutions to the most pressing issue of our time. Co-hosts Kirsten Spruch and Perry Serpa explore the role of creativity in the climate movement. They are joined by guests from musicians, artists, actors and activists to scientists, economists and politicians to uncover the creative stories behind the people who are fighting for our planet.

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