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You asked for it, we've delivered. We're opening up the Climate Crisis Film Festival library so you can keep engaged in climate change this winter with a curated collection of 20 exceptional new films.

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We bring you the best films and videos on climate change — going beyond the dry data showers, wildlife conservation and single-issue documentaries you’ve already seen before.

Watch human stories from the frontlines, gain real insight into systemic causes, and pop the Western bubble with films from all over the world. STUNNING, diverse, EYE-OPENING CINEMA.

welcome to sodom

Lowland kids

thus spoke the sea

The green lie

thank you for the rain

not without us


living in the futures past

Dear Matafele Peinem

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AUTHENTIC Climate Stories


Sign-up for just £10 to gain full access to our 20 films. Watch on-demand whenever and wherever you like! Access available until February 28th.


Our userfriendly platform lets you effortlessly browse our films. We've broken them down into well-defined categories so choosing couldn't be easier. Use Airplay or Chromecast to get the full home-cinema experience.

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In the spring, this film library will make way for a custom experience for those seeking direct ways to engage with climate action. All subscribers that have joined before February 28th will get 20% off the new service!

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Racism, xenophobia, misogyny and other forms of hatred are closely tied to the dynamics of climate change — that’s why we believe that tackling these issues are an essential part of taking climate action.


We urgently need change that empowers ALL OF SOCIETY and amplifies the voices of activists and communities of colour, indigenous peoples and disadvantaged groups.


There’s an incredible number of high-impact climate projects that don’t get mainstream attention. Donating to a large charity or signing a petition are not your only options — you can get directly involved in something much more exciting than that.


Change is not brought about by shopping at different stores. It’s done by reimagining the future and coming together through mass mobilisation to make it happen.


Climate change doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s the result of the economic, social and political systems we live in — reducing fighting climate change to nature conservation and consuming responsibly misses the point entirely.


Giving money away to good causes isn’t particularly exciting —  we believe that organising with the community around you and getting personally involved is what makes people feel empowered and that's the kind of energy we need.

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