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NOVEMBER 16 - 22

thank you to everyone

who attended!

join the

fourth wave of environmentalism


immerse yourself

in stunning cinema

A virtual festival to watch at your own pace


pick what to watch

You can pick one or multiple themes, or access the whole festival!


reserve your ticket

Don’t miss out! Get your tickets now and the festival will go live on November 16th. All you’ll need to do is sign-in and enjoy!


watch between nov. 16 - 22

Watch at your own pace. The festival will be on-demand all week. Even our special events are pre-recorded for maximum convenience.

the flat


It’s Freezing in LA!
Permaculture Association
Zero Waste Laura


Get stuck into something practical with our masterclasses! 3 experts show you everything you need to get started in living a zero-waste life, becoming an impactful activist, or growing your urban food forest.

Stop Ecocide
African Climate Reality Project
Climate Jam
Culture Declares Emergency
We Don’t Have Time
Stop Climate Chaos
Ghana Youth Environmental Movement
+ many more!

panel discussion

Our panel discussions dive deeper into the themes of the films. We've brought together thought-leaders, activists, artists and distinguished campaigners from around the world to have a good old debate about on a number of topics.

Rob Hopkins
Green New Deal UK
Stop Ecocide
Young Wilders
Anthropocene Architecture School
Studio bark
Karl Widerquist
Chris Smaje
south east london community energy

ignite session

Fast-paced, forward-looking and inspiring — 10 changemakers have just six minutes each to put forward their ideas to change the system from within and tilt it in the favour of our ecosystems and climate, empowering people along the way.

Extinction Rebellion

guest talk

Following the highs and lows experienced when watching How to Let Go of the World, join Extinction Rebellion for a special talk about climate-anxiety and positive resilience.

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